Máy Lọc Nước HYDROGEN Kenho Lumbini

Kenho water and its great benefits

What is Kenho Water?

kenho water is active hydrogen-rich water generated by electrolysis through Kenho Lumbini Hydrogen water generator. Active hydrogen acts strongly against the oxidation of the body.

Kenho water is hydrogen-rich water bringing great benefit in reducing oxidation of the body. Kenho water, a brand name of Dynaseiki, has become the best source of water for health and is now widely used in many countries around the world.

How does Kenho water prevent the oxidation?

We need more anti-oxidants to get a healthier body and slow down the aging, active hydrogen is considered to be the most potential molecule in slow down the ageing process.

For a better absorption

Kenho water contains smaller molecules than normal water does, it means that the metabolism and absorption of minerals through the cell membrane is easier.

The Kenho water generator will give extremely low ORP, which is equivalent to a high antioxidant index. Also, the hydrogen water can be generated quickly, 300-500ml within 3-5 minutes. Therefore, it will be a perfect device to carry along with you every day.

Efficacy of Kenho water for human health

There have been a number of studies showing the benefits of drinking active hydrogen water, particularly good antioxidant abilities for human health.

  • Slow down the aging
  • Reduce the risk of colon cancer
  • Detoxify cells and entire body
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Improve memory loss for the elderly
  • Enhance mineral absorption of human body
  • Protect and enhance liver function
  • Reduce lipid and body fat

By reading this article, we find out that hydrogen water is of a very good use, especially for the health and beauty of women. And kenho water is a perfect choice in improving the beauty of all modern women.


LUMBINI is a fully portable hydrogen generator of its own class. It integrates the MEA Patented technology making it a unique piece of gadget that generate compound of oxidation water, a.k.a. Hybrid Water and high concentration of dissolved hydrogen water; known as Hydrogen Water simultaneously through Electrolysis process.

LUMBINI technology is advance in its function and has more than ten times the durability of exisiting electrolysis method. We have also reduce the size of the cell to maximize the energy efficiency yet enhance its overall performance.


  1. Generates one of the highest concentration of Hydrogen Water in its industry @ >1,000ppb in 3 minutes.
  2. Infusion of Hydrogen Molecule regardless of water source. Distilled, Purified, RO, Mineral Water or Spring Water.
  3. Hygienic management through simple cleaning.
  4. Easy generation of Hydrogen Water with Single Push ON/OFF button.
  5. Complete separation from Oxide Water leaving pure healthy Hydrogen Water only.
  6. 1.5 hours quick charge lasts for an approximate 10 usage.
  7. Direct infusion with a variety of PET bottles thread.
  8. Light Weight, Sophisticated & Stylish!
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