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Do you have the following symptoms?

stress fatigue • skin allergy • dermatitis • psoriasis • rapid tuberculosis • constipation • colitis • osteoporosis • gout

Water is the most vital essence to life. Our human body makes up of 70% fluids and we are recommended by medical and health professionals to drink at least 3 liters everyday.

Over the years, supply of natural safe and healthy drinking water is getting scarce, and boiling water from our tap supply is no longer enough to provide clean and healthy water for our daily needs. We cannot rely on the authorities to provide everyone of us with clean and healthy water.

People around the world have realised the importance of clean and healthy drinking water. It is a worldwide trend that we can observe from the sales and popularity of alternative drinking water, besides domestically prepared drinking water.

Drum bottle waters

Pet bottle water

Alkaline water forecast

Antioxidant Properties

Water that is alkaline has antioxidant properties that help by counteracting free radicals.

Cleansing Features

Other benefits of alkaline water are that it will help to cleanse the organs; particularly the colon. As this unclean build-up in the colon continues, it eventually becomes poisonous and in some cases lethal.

Physical Appearance Benefits

Along with the body cleansing of the inner systems, water that is alkaline also rejuvinates the skin and keeps it hydrated. Ionization reduces molecule cluster sizes making it easier to absorb into body tissue and cells and thus more hydrating.

Other Health Benefits

Other features of water are that it also lubricates muscles and joint to help with stopping injuries not to mention body pains caused by high levels of acidity (uric acid).

Experiments were conducted in Japan labs to validate the positive effects of alkaline water consumption.

Test: 25 patients having chronic diarrhea, indigestion, abnormal intestinal fermentation or excess stomach acid drunk ionized alkaline water for two weeks.

Result: It has been confirmed that 88% of patients improved diarrhea and bowel movement.

Test: 6 patients drink 1 liter of water with pH9.0 per day. The pH levels of inside their stomach were monitored for 24 hours.

Result: Restraint of oxidation was suggested as all participants' pH levels inside stomach increased.

Other uses of alkaline water

Tea becomes richer and tastier

Strong abstraction ability makes taste better and reduces amount of tea leaves.

Vitamin C is largely abstracted in green tea.
Purified water: 3.2mg
Alkaline ionized water: 6.9mg

Amount of Catechin abstracted from alkaline ionized water is larger than the other from first to third attempts.
Purified water: 68.1mg
Alkaline ionized water: 78.9mg

Puffy and tasteful rice

Puffy and tasteful rice is cooked with alkaline ionized water due to its strong abstraction ability.

According to measurement and taste evaluation, rice with alkaline ionized water is cooked much puffier and tastier than it with purified water.

For cooking

Comparison of Vitamin C remaining in spinach after heated up (by using alkaline ionized water and purified water)
In the case of alkaline ionized water used, amount of vitamin C remaining is twice larger.

Acid water

Skin care

Acid water makes your skin compressed. Use it as:

  • Face wash
  • Neck and chest wash
  • For bath or shower
  • After shaving

Other usages of acid water

Other usages of acid water includes:

  • Boiling noodle
  • Washing dishes

Sanitized water ~ Clean life

Sanitized water is called as strong acid water. Electrolyzed water with additional salt turns into acid water including hypochlorous acid. It is useful for sanitization and cleaning purpose. Please use it for cleaning kitchen sink.

Fujiiryoki HWP-55

Hydrogen Alkaline Water is one of the greatest preventative health advances and technological marvels of the 21st century. Ionized Hydrogen Water is a powerful Antioxidant providing the body with tremendous amounts of hydrogen and vibrancy. It is very helpful to neutralize and flush acid waste from the body. The discovery of Hydrogen benefits are growing and yet it has gone almost entirely unnoticed.

The HWP-55 produces Strong Acidic Water pH2.5 and Strong Alkaline Water pH11.5 for microorganisms disinfection application and removing oil-base lubricant through emulsification process.


Industry largest water quantity

The quality of electrolytic hydrogen water is top-class in the market, about 5.5 liter per minute. Enough use for family.

Ecology water saving system

Small amout of discharged water (5%) from electrolytic hydrogen water, with savings of up to 3,400L of water a year.

Easy installation

HWP-55 device comes with 12cm (4.7 inch) depth and 65cm (25.5inch) delivery pipe making installation easy in any typical kitchen.

Auto cleaning function

Maintenance is easy with real-time and auto refresh functions.

Low cost

Low power consumption of 0.4W and auto power-off feature reduce electricity cost.

Modes of operation

A -
Hydrogen+(plus) button

Adjust to suitable pH by pressing [Hydrogen+(plus) button] to the water quality that pH is difficult to go up 20% more for dissolved hydrogen.

*The compensation of normal mode and hydrogen plus mode

B - Level of hydrogen display

Easy to find the level of hydrogen on the display by pressing the display button (6 levels)

pH9.5 hydrogen+

C - 10 types of water

pH Level Hydrogen+ Usage

Strong Alkaline hydrogen 4 (PH10.5)

To remove harsh taste, precooking

9.5 L6

Alkaline hydrogen 3 (PH9.5 hydrogen+)

For daily drinking water for health control

9.5 L5

Alkaline hydrogen 3 (PH9.5)

For tasty cooking, tea, coffee

9.0 L4

Alkaline hydrogen 2 (PH9.0 hydrogen+)

After sports, or who got used to drink alkaline water

9.0 L3

Alkaline hydrogen 2 (PH9.0)

For washing and cooking rice

8.5 L2

Alkaline hydrogen 1 (PH8.5 hydrogen+)

For every morning and before sleep

8.5 L1

Alkaline hydrogen 1 (PH8.5)

For beginning of hydrogen water

Purified water

For taking medicine, making milk for baby


Acid water (PH5.5)



Sanitized water (PH2.5)

For cleaning and disinfection

Fujiiryoki FW1000-SA

Alkaline water is water that has been separated into alkaline and acid fractions using electrolysis, which takes advantage of the naturally occurring electric charges found in the magnesium and calcium ions; in the drinking water industry. Level of pH is greater than 7.

  • Converts tap water to alkaline water by ionization.
  • Ionization using the latest Japanese technology.
  • Used by medical industries in Japan.
  • 100% Japanese made, limited stocks only.
  • First authorised distributor in Vietnam.
  • Low-cost to operate, introductory price.
  • Can be used at home to avoid expensive price of commercial alkaline water.

Mode of operation

The Fujiiryoki FW-1000SA electrolysis ionizer is capable of treating and producing multiple type of water.

pH Drinking Cooking Medication / Toddlers Face Wash Sterilization
Alkaline 4 (not drinking use)
For cooked dish, boiling vegie
Alkaline 3 (regular use)
For cooking, tea, coffee
Alkaline 2 (medium use)
For cooking and washing rice
Alkaline 1 (first use)
Beginning of using Alkaline water
Purified water
For baby or medicine
Acid water
For face wash, boiling noodles

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