Industrial Automation

Committed to drive the Vietnamese industrial automation into a new era.

Hardware Elements

Takigen (Japan) provides a wide range of hardware components for the industrial field, ranging from handles, knobs, hinges, latch locks to rails, adjusters, fittings and so on.

Handles, Pulls, Knobs

Hinges, Stays

Fasteners, Latches, Catches, Locks



Casters, Adjusters, Slide Rail, Monitor Arms

Freezer Hardware

Linear Motion

Dynaseiki provides a wide range of linear motion products, solutions and advise in linear motion engineering. We carry and distribute high-tech components from Japanese manufacturers such as Chieftek, Techno Drive, Kohzu and Kss.


Tamagawa/Techno Drive



Precision Dispensing

Precision dispensing in automation requires high quality and reliable components to build a truly accurate and precise solution. We got you covered by providing high quality rotary and swivel components from Japanese manufacturers.

UV System

Dynaseiki is an authorised distributor for GS-YUASA wide range of UV products and solutions.

UV lamp & UV-LED

UV Irradiation System

Our clients

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