A-464-2-1 - LIFT-UP FLUSH HANDLES Takigen

Nice Characteristics

Waterproof. (using O-ring and sheet packing)
The lock comes standard with the TAK60, a new-style reversible key with an easy-to-use dustproof shutter. (A-464-L-TAK60)
Installation is compatible with A-160 and A-240 etc.
For both left-hand and right-hand use. (the left-hand or right-hand use can be changed by reversing the cam and stopper plate)

Material: A-1464/Cast stainless steel (SUS304)
A-464-L1/Aluminium alloy (ADC)
A-464/Zinc alloy (ZDC)
Finish: A-1464/Hairline finish
A-464/Satelite chrome plate (MACr)(MZCr)
Protection class: IPX5 (A-1464-1/2/3, A-464-1/2/3)
Key No.: TAK60・0200
Accessories: Stopper plate, installation plate, screws, two keys

Specific Use
Server rack, distribution boards, control boards

The lock on this product is operated with the tip of the key. (A-1464-2/3, A-464-2/3 only)
It is recommended that thread-locking fluid be used to prevent loosening of the mounting screws for the catch.
Please refer to 防水規格IP表示について (IP indications for water resistance) (page 27) for protection classes.




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