B-1109-2 - Takigen FLAT TORQUE HINGES

Nice Characteristics


      • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel is used.
      • No friction by metal is used lt's designed not to produce metal chips and abnormal sound.
      • Torque variations due to temperature change are small.
      • Aging variations of initialized torque are small.


      • Material: Main body: Cold rolled stainless steel plate (SUS304)
        Plug: Polyacetals (POM)
      • Finish: Gloss barrel polishing

Specific Use

      • Office equipment, home appliances, furniture, control panels, and other indoor equipment


    • Durability test: 20,000 times or more. (with rated load torque)
    • Ambient temperature: -10°C to +45°C.
    • Your required torque is available.
      B-1109-0: 294 to 589cN・m
      B-1109-1: 107 to 196cN・m
      B-1109-2: 39 to 98cN・m
      B-1109-3/4: 9 to 49cN・m
    • Shaft must be horizontal when installing.
    • Three pieces or more must not be used per cover.
    • Do not use lubricant.



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