LE-30-12 - Takigen Solenoid Lock

Nice Characteristics


      • Emergency unlocking mechanism can be attached.
      • Latch mechanism. (auto-locking type)
      • Both front and rear surface attachment.


      • Rated voltage: DC24V ±5%
      • Duty cycle: 100% (continuous rating)
      • Power-turning-ON-and-unlocking solenoid electric lock (unlocked when energized)
      • Ambient temperature: -5℃ to +40℃
      • Operating humidity range: 85%RH or less (non-dewing)

Specific Use

      • Pass boxes and various cases


    • The latch stroke, the retraction force and the extension force are value in the horizontal installation.
    • The rated voltage (continuous rating) is at a power consumption that causes the temperature of the coil to reach 65℃ when the ambient temperature is 40℃.
    • When continuously energized, the solenoid becomes hot (around 70℃). If there is a risk of it being touched, measures should be taken to prevent burns with consideration given to heat radiation.
    • Remove the load on the latch when operating electrically.
    • Solenoid has no polarity (+ / -).



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