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A Spacer is inserted between the two Nuts to eliminate Axial play. Preloading can also be applied to increase Nut Rigidity. The Nut should be mounted using bolt hole in Flange.

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Product type


1)Basic Dynamic Load Rating (Ca) is applicable for Ball Screws.

2)Thrust load is applicable for Direct Motor Drive Ball Screws/Lead Screws.

3)Horizontal load capacity is applicable for Actuators.

4)Basic Static Load Rating is applicable for Ball Screws.

5)Vertical load capacity is applicable for Actuators.

Product typeStockModelShaft dia
Hor. Capacity
Vert. Capacity
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0602A6.02.00-7501200Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0602B6.02.00-9801600Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0602.5A6.02.50-7501200Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0802A(1)8.02.00-8501600Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0802B(1)8.02.00-11002200Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0802A(2)8.02.00-18503000Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0802B(2)8.02.00-24004100Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0802.5A8.02.50-18503000Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0802.5B8.02.50-24004100Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0803A8.03.00-26004200Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS0803B8.03.00-35005700Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1002A10.02.00-21003800Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1002B10.02.00-27005300Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1002.5A10.02.50-21003800Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1002.5B10.02.50-27005300Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1003A10.03.00-30005200Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1003B10.03.00-39007200Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1004A10.04.00-30005200Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1202B12.02.00-30006400Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1202.5B12.02.50-30006400Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1203B12.03.00-43008700Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1204B12.04.00-540010200Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1402B14.02.00-32007500Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1402.5B14.02.50-32007500Preload*   ? 
Precision Ball Screw FSBS1403B14.03.00-460010100Preload*   ? 

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